Your airline's either got it or it hasn't'

Francesca Cissell - 15:55 24 January 2011

The use of imagination, especially what you think/ want to see is clearly portrayed through the advert, the use of eye imagery is particularly powerful, glistening, seductive come to bed eyes... amazing!
The whole advert portrays the slick, sexy, enchanting illusion, who wouldn’t want to fly with virgin?!

Katy Abraham - 16:35 24 January 2011

What really makes this ad special, is the use of is more a piece of art than a typical advert.
In my view it has taken ideas from the front trailers of Bond films and tranferred this imagery into an advert - reflecting the brand image of class. Again, like many adverts, this ad is made by the music, which links perfectly to the style and message.

richard scullion - 12:00 25 January 2011

well maybe its that i have just got back from a long flight in economy but to me this is a classic - lets avoid any focus on the product - bland and like everybody else really - and sell a dream .......sustainable??

Amanda - 17:06 25 January 2011

Following the previous Virgin Atlantic ad that simulated scenes from the film 'catch me if you can', the next is just as good. Providing a James Bond feel this ad takes the audiences through a sequence of luxurious shots, featuring beautiful women and suggestive illustrations. In addition it is still highlighting the essence of the brand, cool, fun and sexy whilst still appealing to different members of the audience. Using Muse for the soundtrack again adds to this cool exterior. However in addition to this some audience members have been quoted as saying that this is softcore porn and completely inappropriate for an airline ad. As well as this Virgin are being attacked for 'subliminally' illustrating chemtrails in their ads, perhaps making a mockery out of the conspiracy behind them. In regards to the negative factors of this ad, I believe that it is entertaining and exciting, again like the beginning credits to a Bond film.

- 17:22 25 January 2011

The ad takes you on a metaphorical flight with Virgin, set to music sung to a tune that perfectly reflects the mood which is surreal, encapsulating the very essence of what it is like to fly with Virgin and to do so in glamour and style.
The glossy take, from the red patent shoes (much higher heels than an ordinary stewardess would ever be asked to wear on a flight!), the red leather skirts and the hard covered bags on wheels that are pulled effortlessly along at calf level, these are the fantasy add on's that equate a normal, run of the mill, long haul flight of the most boring duration, into something sexy, lively, exotic.
The male stewards accentuating their campness, gives the impression that there is no duality, no snobbery, no prejudice on this airline.
"Its a new day, it’s a new dawn, it’s a new life for me, and I'm Good." These words offer a feeling that you can escape the norm and be taken some place NEW. It compliments Virgin who are RED all over, and I like their fireryness. There is a sense of adventure and fun about this ad, there is a feeling that the audience is young; no one in the ad is older than mid thirties. It makes you feel as if you can fly to their achievement levels.
There is a freedom in this ad. It conveys an escapism from the known, and the words of the sung which are slow and Jazz orientated add to the glamour, the idea that you can leave this world for another and do it in style, safety and glitz.

Georgina Willcocks - 18:09 25 January 2011

Long haul economy = shit. We all know this. But as soon as you have landed, showered, eaten, slept, you forget about the flight and remember the great time you have just had. Virgin are using the concept of the DREAM to entice those travellers who yearn to fly first class, be pampered by sexy women whose high heels in reality, would be in danger of puncturing a hole in the aircraft! A dream is not sustainable, but it can for an instant be believable. It can be held as a thought by thousands of weary holiday makers who think, every time they enter an airport terminal, "maybe this time, it will be me who gets the upgraded seat!" Like all good fantasies it fuels desire. It creates a thought molecule in the minds of those who wish above all wishes that if they have to travel it could be with a great looking cabin crew, a sexy pilot, stilettos, champagne and celebrity ALL the way into the mile high club.

Francesca Cissell - 19:28 25 January 2011

Realistically the entire ad is basically a pardody of everything we have to go through as passengers, however Virgin portray a completely different experience, they aim to make flying fun again, hence this advert is just making a mockery of the dull parts of flying. What’s a shame thou is that some people are describing it as sexist etc, i really don’t feel like it is, it’s good fun, I know I was intrigued when it came on my TV. I think more stuff like this should be created!

Emma Jones - 12:40 26 January 2011

I think rather than demeaning women and being sexist, the ad empowers women and glamorises their role in the aviation industry. This is a sleek representation of an industry that isn't known for it's glamour or style but which manages to afford it a really sleek and luxurious feel.
The dream-like quality to the ad makes it feel that Virgin are offering a far superior service to their competitors and its a powerful piece of advertising.

jessica corbett - 22:28 12 December 2011

The advertisement creates a surreal dream world that entices customers into the glamorous lifestyle that you can achieve through using virgin. It shows connections to their previous campaigns and iconography to James bond. The music goes really well with the visual. My favourite part is the comparison between the flying planes and the girl swimming. I really like the whole advertisement I think it’s a brilliant low involvement ad that evokes emotion and appeal!

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