Yeo Valley X-Factor ad 2011

Jessica Houston - 15:10 16 October 2011

I think that this ad is entertaining as it is different to most ads on tv at the minute. It combines the tv programme, the x factor, through the use of the 'boyband' and the dance moves later on in the ad. This is clever and draws the audience in as they are intrigued as to who the band are and what is being advertised. At the beginning you just see the four men in a room singing which shadows a general music video but in the lyrics they are advertising the brand yeovalley and explaining the main facts of the product. As it progresses you get a more cheesy approach as they feed the cows etc, however for some reason, as the audience, i want to keep watching. The fact that the 4 guys can actually sing cancels out the whole cheesy take and creates quite an odd advert but one that is fun to watch. The use of facebook and the X factor shows how adverts are progressing and are using other forms of media to create audience interaction.

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