Yeo Valley Rap

richard scullion - 12:04 08 November 2010

ok ok so you really like it but you need to explain WHY!!! Is it partly the odd mix of farmers and rap - what kind of persuasive strategy is this?

Paul Martin - 23:58 28 December 2010

The first time I saw this ad (it was aired initially during the opening weeks of the X Factor 2010 live shows on ITV1) I thought it was a great piece of entertainment. However, my passion for it has dwindled somewhat as it appears to be a very large and very expensive 'brand recognition' project.
In terms of getting the brand noticed and talked about, Yeo Valley and BBH succeeded. Not only did it educate an enormous audience how to accurately pronounce the brand name ("YO Valley" as opposed to "YEEE-O Valley") in a catchy and comical manner but it also bought the FIRST advertising slot in the FIRST ad break during the FIRST live X Factor show of 2010 ensuring a large captive audience who may not have yet sneaked off to make a cup of tea, read the paper or nip to the loo.
The ad also became a trending topic on Twitter and the supporting YouTube Channel (YeoTube Channel) received an unprecedented number of views. They also used in-store promotions with 'Win X Factor Tickets' being printed onto their products.
Whilst being a strange combination, it succeeded in raising brand profile but it would be interesting to see some facts and figures behind the ad showing ROI and what the initial brief was.
A very interesting ad nonetheless. Thanks for posting!

Ruth Nichols - 13:23 12 October 2011

This definitely grabbed my attention as I've never seen dairy and rap music combined before. Its very entertaining and creative.
However, 2 minutes seems a bit extravagant and I think it could be cut down by removing Alex Evans (winner of Britain's Next Top Model 2008) purely because I'm not a fan of her, and her rapping is quite dull. Although I suppose this helps tap into the teenage girl audience.

Georgina - 16:31 12 October 2011

Brilliant, this definitely makes the diary aisle a bit cooler than before (no pun intended). I feel as though this has put Yeo Valley on the map for brand awareness however I don't know if they'll sustain this style of advertising, it could get a bit over done.

Eloise Ritchie - 20:57 12 October 2011

Itís definitely attention grabbing and Iíve heard people talking about this advert so itís definitely raised brand awareness. I think the whole concept of the fact theyíre rapping about dairy products on a farm is what makes it so brilliant and creative, even though I canít remember what they said in the advert the concept makes it memorable. I can remember walking down the supermarket aisle and seeing Yeo Valley and remembering that it had the advert about farmers rapping about cows so it was effective for me.

Rachael Robins - 20:56 13 October 2011

When i first saw this advert I didn't like it, i thought that their aim to target a younger audience was a bit too much. But like so many other ads it started to get catchy, I can see now that it's creative, clever and very eye catching. Its different from many other ads, largely increases brand awareness in a 'fun' way and succeeds in reaching its target market. Sometimes the oddest combination can be the most successful.

Gemma Lacey - 13:03 14 October 2011

I feel this advert is a success. Judging purely from a viewer's perspective it is an entertaining watch and seems to work for the brand too. It succeeds in continuing the brand image of being a Britsh brand that focuses on being natural but with a quirky, fun edge. The images of the farmers and countryside successfully uses the stereotype to represent the healthy products. The stereotype has been used to create humour and it also references the format of many other advertising campaigns with attractive models and sultry or cool poses. In the battle of the Yeo Valley and Muller in last week's X Factor ad break, I feel Yeo Valley triumphed.

LucyAmor - 18:38 14 October 2011

I actually really like this advert. Its totally different than other ways of advertising dairy products, is memorable and annoyingly catchy! It gives a lot of info about the brand in a fun way. It promotes the whole brand instead of just one product which could be seen as good or bad - by advertising the brand as a whole, any Yeo Valley things people see on the shelf will be noticed and if viewers have made the decision to by soething from the rband they are bound to find something they like the look of. But if they advertised a specific product people will be more likely to write it on their shopping lists. I think lots of people will talk about this advert, however.... it is definately more appealing to younger audiences. I believe younger audiences will enjoy it but am not convinced it will pursuade them to change their shopping habits. Yeo Valley is an expensive organic brand and younger audiences are likely to be more money savvy and less likely to value something being organic. I think they will more likely stick to cheaper brands. I thnk those more likely to want to shop organic will be older audiences, who may not "get" this advert so even though i think this is a great ad, I wonder if Yeo Valley are targeting the right market segments.

RockSu Shin - 07:28 16 October 2011

It is a clever ad in terms of presenting information to audience. I think rap was a good choice as means of conveying the message because it can provide a few advantages. First, rap is capable of giving more information than any types of songs that are used in advertisements. It is also one of the most trendy genres of music all over the world nowadays so the audience will find it interesting to get all the information about the products on the stylish rhythm and melody. Lastly, because of the 'cooleness' of the music, the advert could change the perception of consumption of dairy products (Yeo Valley products) to something cooler than boring everyday food. However, I wonder if it will still capture the audience's interest if this advertisement keeps going on more than 3 times. The viewer will know what the message is about and the melody and repetitive rhythm could also might get not so much exciting after a few times. I think it would be more suitable for short term advertising.

Naomi Young - 14:28 17 October 2011

Yeo Valley uses humour in order to create a catchy and memorable song about their dairy products. It's a success due to the rap, as the juxtapostion of a very current type of 'young' music with the unexpected countryside setting creates comedy. The lyrics themself are very clever and relevant to the product.

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