Windows 'launch party'

richard - 10:35 06 October 2009

my guess is almost nobody who has a life would watch to the end of this ....yuk!

Ed - 03:56 07 October 2009

I got to 0:25 seconds before pressing stop.

charli - 14:25 08 October 2009

One word to sum it up...America!

RowenaA - 14:59 08 October 2009

I agree with the uploader here that this advert is just far too crammed. Information is being forced repeatedly to the viewer over the entire 6.14 minutes and by the end i had forgotten what they were saying at the start. Even for an American ad, the 'corny' nature of this set up party scene really detracts from any credibility this may have had and in my opinion the actors did as well as they could to make it believeable. I felt almost uncomfortable watching it, and a slight essence of desperation on behalf of company is apparent. I have to say, whilst advertising here is very different to the states, i would not be surprised if it was laughed at over there. With so much money at their disposal, this is really embarressing. By trying so hard to make Windows 7 seem fun, sociable and easy it has only succeeded, in my opinion, to put Mac in the better light.

richard - 09:01 09 October 2009

we MUST be missing something here - it simply can not be meant to be just complete drivel - who can crack this one? Bonus mark for any amc 3 who does so in my view succesfully on here

Gavin Mountford - 12:37 09 October 2009

I think I've cracked it, check this video out and it explains what they really mean: But seriously, after searching the internet for as long as I could bare, I cannot understand this one. It seems that quite a large number of people are actually having these parties and are really looking forward to them. I'm sure their guests can't wait! Maybe the answer to this one lies in where the 'advert' is placed and whether Windows 7 is given away free to people who register for a party pack?

Gavin Mountford - 11:02 10 October 2009

Sorry, just realised that you cant copy and paste from here but if you type in "windows launch party censored" on youtube then it is the top result.

Jessica - 21:47 27 November 2009

6 minutes for this advert, surely people really arent going to watch it. Im at 44 seconds, and i am extremely bored. Looks like a very exciting party... I expected more from windows.

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