The NEW T-Mobile Welcome Back Ad, T-Mobile Heathrow Terminal 5 Flash Mob Advert

Jane Davis - 16:43 25 January 2011

Evidence to ad to T-mobiles bad reputation:
Is T-Mobile the worst network in the UK?
Posted: 157 days ago
Hi I think T-Mobile is the worst network in the UK I can't get a signal and there is nothing they do sso I am stuck with this crap network till next year Does anyone else think T-Mobile is the worst network in the uK?
Check out this forum it shows their true colours and their bad rep...the ads clearly are not working as well as it seems!!!

Madi - 17:02 25 January 2011

Overall Jane, I do not agree with your comments. T-Mobile have very successfully created a great campaign with a lot of word-of-mouth, social network presence and overall a far greater brand awareness. The flashmob adverts create a sense of well-being and togetherness as passengers are greeted as they land. It's a feel good ad, with a feel good effect.

Jane Davis - 13:49 26 January 2011

I agree with some of your comments Madi and think that T-mobile did begin the campaign with a good sense of awareness and newness. However I feel that now the adverts are just too similar and repetitive. Most people feel good when they see the advert, yes but does that make them want to be a part of the network, I don't think it does. I think most people see it and like it but don't necessarily get the feel that this is the networks true identity because the moments shared, particularly in this ad are forced upon people, not sharing by choice. I'm not saying that the ad hasn't created word of mouth but that it doesn't seem to capture sharing in an honest manor, leading to further bad reputation for the brand.

richard scullion - 14:11 26 January 2011

maybe what they do well is make us appreciate the sharedness elements more and so regardless of network - even regardless of whether you use a mobile or not - you are more inclinded to think about sharing moments
so its not even a category ad its a cultural reference ad

Jane Davis - 00:01 27 January 2011

I can see your point but arenít they metaphorically using sharing moments in association with sharing moments across a mobile phone, therefore not using it as just a cultural reference but a reference to the brand and mobile usage?

George Underwood - 22:49 17 April 2011

Yes, it's all happy and feel-good, but the connection to the T-mobile brand is very tenuous; I'd bet there's a lot of people who if you asked them who the flash mob ads were for, they wouldn't be able to tell you. Plus, this one in particular makes me cringe. I'd be embarrassed if they started singing to me at an airport, so I'm always a bit uncomfortable watching this ad, which is never a good thing. But maybe that's just me.

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