Skoda Fabia vRS - Made of Meaner Stuff

Ben Brewer - 16:03 26 January 2011

I'd agree, when I first saw this ad I thought it was brilliant. I loved how they kind of 'mocked' the previous ad at times (arrow at the start, man with jelly and the new version of the song) which just enhances the 'made of meaner stuff' tag line.
I actually prefer this ad to the original; they guys at Fallon knew what a hit the first was and in my opinion took that seed and grew it into what it is today.

Grant Hobbs - 16:08 26 January 2011

I dont know if you can appeal to all types of people by using these two adverts. The made of lovely stuff advert seems to be target to the more cautious drivers on the road that just want a nice car to get the from a to b and maybe c. But the made of meaner stuff is sending out the wrong message for me that it is cool to have a car that is made of meaner stuff, it contrasts with what society is trying to change and may not work out for SKODA. I believe car are selling more not how fast or how mean they look as this usually results in high fuel emmisions which i believe majority of people sub conciously think about. It is more about what is in side the car i believe that sell how can this car make someone like more accesible for the the young people and old people.

Katy Abraham - 16:21 26 January 2011

Grant, I do agree with some aspects of what you have said. However, like all advertising - they are not there to target everyone. And these are two different models of cars - suggesting that they will have two very different target audeinces for each ad.
I do however see your point that 'made of meaner stuff' is perhaps a bit late for the skoda brand, as we now enter a time when cars are wanted for low emissions and 'green'. Yet, there is still the group of younger boy racers and top gear watchers, who would want a 'meaner' car, regardless.

richard scullion - 11:00 27 January 2011

don't many car brands have a range of models though - sporty, family etc etc - so the real issue is how and if they - skoda - can differentiate by sub brand ??

Amber Burton - 14:58 27 January 2011

This ad is genuinely compelling and, I think, very successfully plays up the brand values for Skoda. It is about time a mainstream mid-range car brand made some bold statements about its products. Not sure I'm convinced on 'meaner' being a negative: the audience is a little more savvy than that.

Katie, Ogilvy - 22:14 27 January 2011

I love this Ad, I agree with Katy in that it contrasts perfect with the ad that preceded it. The minor details of the cacti under the TV or the barbed wire esk front grill all add up to a really intriging ad to watch.
Personally I thought Skoda had a somewhat 'naff' reputation with the younger generation. So maybe this ad was intended to reunite the thought of buying a skoda with their younger target audience. It certainly stood out for me over the Christmas break, I watched a lot of telly and this is one of the few adverts I actualy remember seeing!

Lauren Meehan - 18:24 28 January 2011

This ad, the same as its predecessor, is about the love of creating the car, and what people see as being ideal differs from person to person. It also highlights that the team at the car manufacturers all care about what goes into the car – they just obviously want to make it the best that they can (or indeed the meanest that they can). It is all the great things combined that result in the car – even if they are the most dangerous or the most extreme. The reference to the first ad helps those with a less keen eye to see that this is an alternative of the favourite things – “meaner things”, which is interesting as “mean” is not portrayed in a particularly bad light. The music that is used too is actually an adapt of the original “favourite things” song from The Sound of Music if you listen carefully enough. Nice to bring in the other guy with the jelly as a little reminder too…and shows how this car is the complete opposite. It also implies that maybe each car is made individually – the other ad was released some years ago, and the fact that this guy is still applying the strawberry jelly lights makes it seem as if he makes these cars all the time – every car is given the same amount of loving. May not be appealing to everyone but I think that it has been handled the right way – they have played with the mean aspect enough to highlight as the opposite of the previous ad but not so much that it puts people off – there are aspects of fun – scaring the little jelly guy from the original ad, having the guy shoot at the original ad with the crossbow. There are also references from well known films for everyone watching so that no one feels disengaged from it – the character Jaws from bond, red eye of predator/terminator/, Mad max car and the transformers arm. Overall I like it – it draws enough attention to itself to stand out from the crowd but enough reference to the previous ad creating a bit of light humour. Well done Skoda!

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