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Rebecca Watkins - 20:25 25 January 2011

I think the one mistake they've made is showing people using the app in situations where you clearly wouldn't - this instantly makes me think,'I'd never use that!' I would never scan a barcode in a meeting or in the shower for instance (would anyone? Using an iPhone in the shower seems a bit risky to me)so these situations put me off a little.
But overall I agree- the app itself is a really great idea and I think it'll catch on, and the ad communicates the simplicity of the process well. Nice choice Gemma.

Newnab - 20:44 25 January 2011

Good advert and good review. Good product I reckon as well, I sort of want it.
Nice one Gemma.

Gemma Wiggins - 20:44 25 January 2011

Hey Becca thanks for your comment yes I agree I don't think I would use an iPhone in the shower either. But I think the Tesco couple within the ads are cheeky and fun which makes it work.

Briony O'Connor - 11:32 26 January 2011

While I'm not a huge fan of the actual advert (I think I've seen it too much and the man's face annoys me...), I think it highlights a really important trend emerging in the mobile landscape. Tesco have made a clever move with this app, as it fits quite nicely in line with the near-field communication technology that should be rolling out this year. Definitely one to watch.
Despite me not liking this ad very much I would download the app as a result. So successful advertising I suppose! Nice review Gemma.

richard scullion - 14:14 26 January 2011

so the real issue this debate raises is the link betwen liking or not the ad and the product - looks like the realtionship beteen them is more product oreinted than we might - as advertising people - like!!!

Gemma Wiggins - 15:38 26 January 2011

Definitely Richard. Although the advert is humorous and fun, I think the real genius behind this advert is not the advert itself but what it is selling. As a Briony said, as advertising people, we should not be excited by the television advert, but digital and mobile technology which provides exciting opportunities for both brands and consumers.

Katy Abraham - 15:45 26 January 2011

I agree with what's been said. I think it is a poor bit of advertising that is slightly obvious and predictable. But it is about showing people the app, not always about creative genius (which is sometimes forgotten!). Just goes to show, if your product is a good one, people may still be interested.

Adam Tomat - 17:44 26 January 2011

I remember seeing this ad on the tv for the first time and thinking "That's really clever". I think the app itself, though a clever idea, is not very useful. I don't do online shopping, and I am not going to start because of this app.
Maybe if you do already do quite a bit of online shopping with say Asda, it may be enough for you to say "I'll download the app and try it". But I can see this being an app that may be used once or twice before being discarded by somebody. But from Tesco's point of view, that is still sales generated from the advert.

Lorraine Lambie - 22:46 30 January 2011

I think its a good idea, however I'm not sure how many people would really use it on a regular basis. The novelty would probably wear off pretty quickly and unless you're thinking about food shopping, you're unlikely to scan something!
Saying that, it is a pain when you go food shopping and forget something perhaps this would persuade more people to conduct online shopping and therefore would make the app popular? Who knows!

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