richard - 14:34 08 October 2009

what even of they say 50% off 100 times in a 30 second ad???

Danielle Locke - 21:00 08 October 2009

I agree with you to some extent, this ad may be boring, but I think your missing the point of what great advertising really is. It's not the creative that wins at Cannes, or gets people who like advertising talking, it's ads that create a buzz amongst customers, ads that get uploaded onto youtube (you fail to mention that this ad had close to 20,000 views) and ads that ultimately sell products and keep the client happy and win agencies new business. At the end of the day it's the CEO's you need to keep happy, cause they are the one's that pay your wages.

richard - 08:58 09 October 2009

what if the ceo hasn't a clue - just shrug your shoulders and go with the flow or???

Lennard - 12:18 09 October 2009

I understand your points, but I dont think they apply here. You need to alter your adverts, so the customer doesnt shut off/become immune. This advert has been repeated for years now, with exactly the same ending every time! This just leads to customers hating the brand because they are sick and tired of the same advertising. The "buzz" they have created is more of hate rather than love for the brand - yes we are talking about the brand but in the most negative light. Also, it downgrades the brand, as you can always get 20% off - on top of that (as there is no discount on pet food) it alienates the people who actually buy pet food. I have never seen a pet food advert from them. So although they sell it, they never have it on sale, therefore I would never consider buying my pet food there. I think they need to invest a bit more into advertising and alter their promotions, so there is a sense of urgency which draws the customers into store. Perhaps have different promotions for different people... even pet owners!

Charli Ashton-Rickardt - 15:38 09 October 2009

As a piece of the dirtiest of direct advertising, this advert has potential merit. However where is the phone number? Where is the URL? Where is any sign of a call to action? This is where this ad really fails, there is no way to gage response and so really what is the point? I'm a fan of direct, when done well, however when done in this untrackable fashion it calls to question the frivoulous use of budget.

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