andung mei santoso - 05:09 16 January 2014

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Chelsea Hallal - 12:08 11 December 2015

Without sound, you can grasp that the ad is aiming to portray male dominance and how women are overcoming the patriarchal oppression by standing up for their rights; doing something they strongly agree with - dropping their weapons and singing to a stadium full of people. The idea of the women wearing Armour could also represent strength within itself as it can imply force, power and entitlement.
On the other hand the females are dressed quite seductive as they're wearing so little, bra; showing the tops of their breasts, in addition to this, Pepsi could have been emphasizing how the product is made for everyone, despite their ethnicity or gender, by using females with different ethnic backgrounds.
The fact that is also has celebrity endorsement can encounter for the amount of publicity they receive as this is a pretty good tool for attracting a diverse range of audience types.

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