Nike + i am not a runner

richard - 09:11 04 November 2008

again you introduce a valuable notion of ads inter-textuality - they talk betwen themselves and want to audience to evesdrop on the conversation - but you do little with this idea.....but the endline suggests its not really such a paradoy of those who feel the need to run and the need to wear branded clothes and mp3 players at the same time

James Reeves - 15:57 08 October 2010

I like Nikes change in tactic from their typical ads which tend to be more serious and professional and all about being the best through becoming part of the brand Nike. However I feel that this ad is a great change in direction, marketing towards and targeting a group of people who may have slipped through the marketing net of Nikes other campaigns. I believe Nike are trying to target the Lazy average Joe's of Britain who are not that interested in becoming the worlds best sprinter but perhaps just to get fitter, but who can't find the inspiration to do it. Nike have done a great Job through using humor and playing on insecurities of men in a subtle and comical way, which may give them a final push to give fitness a go and buy some Nike merchandise to get fitter. Little branding is needed in the advert in fact I feel that the logo at the very end of the ad is all that is necessary in order for people to instantly know and remember it is a Nike advertisement due to the overwhelming size and reputation of the Nike brand.

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