My Phone knows everything ....

Lauren C - 15:44 05 November 2008

I agree with you about this advert, it is very clever how it highlights to consumers how close our relationship with our phone is, which we may not of thought of before seeing this advert, well I certainly didnt. I also like how the advert is fast paced as I think this can connect to consumers through their busy lifestyles, especially with the amount of text messages and phone calls people get daily. All in all, I think it is very different from other mobile phone companies who try play on the humour factor within their adverts, so this type of fast moving, innovative advertising gives something new to the table.

Rosie - 16:05 05 November 2008

Wow!! This advert really sucks. It stupidly suggests that your phone is your best friend... Did you know that the new Nokia 'Caramel' phone is actually made out of caramel, so that you can eat it and your phone really becomes part of you (via your digestive tract). No? I thought anybody gullible enough to fall for this ad would be bound to believe that. Who apart from a lame-brained retard would want a phone as their best friend? This is the worst kind of dumbing-down; patronizing consumerist cliche at its most offensive. You can have a phone for a best friend if you'd like one - most people are more interested in there being someone at the other end of the phone, rather than creating a fetishism out of the consumption of personal communications. This is just a pop video celebration of Nokia inspired mindlessness, quick cuts and fast talking to disguise the vacuous nature of the message. It's idle, self indulgent predictable and pointless. If I found Weiden " Kennedy's phone - I'd drop it in the canal.

Lauren C - 16:29 05 November 2008

I dont really agree, I do see the point your making Roise in that peoples phone is not actually their real best friend. However, the advert is promoting the closeness you have with your phone. For example most people will always have their phone on them, I know people who even have it next to them whilst sleeping. I have also heard people around Uni, claim they are 'lost without it' if they have left it at home for the day. Some people especially blackberry owners who use their phone at all times of the day for business, would probably take it to a desert island as their one possession. So in those terms I would say this advert relates well to the message they are getting to consumers in the form of how 'close' one can be with their phone.

Rosie - 17:25 05 November 2008

Do you dump your best friend every six months for a 'newer model'? If you have a relationship of 'closeness' with an inanimate object it's usually a teddy bear, a lucky hat or a Liberty X t-shirt (with sentimental value). Can we realistically make the same claim for a mobile phone - especially when that claim originates from people whose job it is to get us to dump our 'best friends', mobile phones, on a regular basis. Sorry Lauren, I don't see it - I think you're confusing the phone (expensive consumer artefact) with what it does. Perhaps the sub-text of the Nokia ad is dump your phone and dump your friends with it - after all the Nokia ad is prepared to put you in touch with some new 'real' friends (it's just that they all have www. in front of their names.

richard - 09:25 06 November 2008

'rosie' - thanks for comments - can you frame them in a less personal way that helps us to undertsand the ad rather than just your view - appreciated

Christian - 19:18 06 November 2008

Rosie - I think you are missing the entire point of the advert. The advert is not saying your phone is your best friend as an item, but rather as in (arguably) being your closest asset in your life, i.e. Blackberry people. The advert is actually highlighting the importance of the phone (any phone in that sense) and how much society depends on it (and your life). Its not your best friend but it enables you to be closer to your best friends. So you can change phone as often as you want but you will still be calling or texting the same people. Also, we spend more time with our phone then we do with most other items making it arguable just as valuble as a teddy bear for some. This advert will make people think more about how important their phones are to them which i guess nokia are hoping will increase loyalty to their brand. Your mobile phone is not your best friend but your relationship to your best friends get better through a phone, simply what communication does.....

Richard B - 21:52 06 November 2008

I agree with christian on this one, but also this ad is a major support of the online campaign, which is actually quite clever. And despite the online work purely aiming at those who like their soap operas, i actually had fun playing around on it, just because of the quality of the actual campaign

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