MTV EXIT / UNICEF campaign

Kirsty Clegg - 17:49 26 October 2009

I find this choice of advert really interesting as it is a campaign I am not aware of, mainly due to my lack of interaction with this medium. However I am familiar with MTV's hard hitting styles for example with their shocking safe sex campaign. I agree with what you said about consumers and so also believe this a great way of cutting through the clutter, not simply because it is a new form of branded conent but because I personally feel music TV uses videos to support the content just as advertising does. The choice of music for this particular advert is brilliant and really plays on the ambiguous story developing throughout the ad. It is this ambiguity that plays the vital role in this ad; due to the alterations in chronology which further intrigue an already engaging piece of content. This ad is a very interesting and slightly unique appraoch to using music TV to advertise such prominent issues which are as stated above largely left unawares.

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