Müller - wünderful stuff

Georgina - 16:50 12 October 2011

It's a 'busy' ad, nonetheless Muller seems to have simultaneously targeted a 'middle aged' audience with nostalgia, with a young audience who will connect to the characters they are currently exposed to. There is a heroic theme to the ad which emphasises the use of a story. I wouldn't stop what I was doing to watch this ad unlike the but I can appreciate the creativity of this ad.

Georgina - 16:52 12 October 2011

*unlike the 'Yeo Valley Rap'

Eloise Ritchie - 20:39 12 October 2011

This ad is really creative, I especially like the part where all the business men get hit with fruit meteors and turned into Mr Men, but it kind of seems to chaotic overall. The use of nostalgia is good way to connect with an older audience but I think some may find it hard to relate the theme of childhood characters back to the product. I enjoyed watching this ad but it doesn’t make me want to instantly run out and buy new Muller yoghurt.

Shari - 21:43 12 October 2011

I think this Ads only positive aspects are the nostalgia it may evoke in the audience and maybe its extensive visual effects and movie-like feel. However I think the play on the "ü" from the brand name "müller" in the slogan "wünderful stuff" is funny but they could've done better. Their previous slogan "lick the lid of life" was much more entertaining and catchy in my opinion. Also, the ad is much too long, and the consumer, if not acutely interested in childhood cartoons is prone to lose interest quickly.

jessica corbett - 11:37 13 October 2011

I think the advertisement is very creative and does bring a strong sense of nostalgia to the viewer but I don't think it sells Müller very well even with the product placement it doesn’t make you want to run out and buy a yogurt, and like David Ogilvy said; you need advertising that sells rather than entertains.

Rachael Robins - 12:02 13 October 2011

I really like this ad, it's fun, creative and a little chaotic. I definately think that muller have been looking at their target market through a telescope rather than a microscope in this ad by expanding the amount of people it will target and by using unusual references. However, this ad does not make me want to buy muller, but watch some cartoons, not the desired effect they were looking for...

Rock eum Shin - 22:49 13 October 2011

First of all, what was particularly wonderful about the advert is its reference to a very successful movie, transformer, as the muller monster transforms itself. It draws viewers' attention and interests as they are presumably already familiar with the movie concept. Despite the fact that not detailed information about the content of the product is thoroughly described,this advert has clearly appealed to its target with an idea how the hectic and grim world can be changed into something brighter with the help of Muller. For example, the strict policeman was turned into a friendly looking bear and the cloudy weather is turned into a shiny one. Although it made several references to muller's several products during the advert like muller rice and light, I reckon it still has to offer additional information on the product itself like its taste, flavour or any other distinctive aspects as products, as one of the primary objectives of advertising is to enlighten consumers about the product.

Emilie Pope - 00:15 14 October 2011

I understand where Muller are trying to position themselves in the market; as a fun, upbeat brand, depicted in the colourful animation. The brand also comes across as powerful and heroic thanks to the storyline, based on childhood cartoons saving the day (implying Muller). As previously stated, nostalgia plays an important part in the viewers reference system due to the cartoon characters present. Speaking of cartoons characters, are there not more memorable cartoon "heroes" than these? Surely Britain's favourite cartoons are not limited to "Mr Men", "Yogi bear" and "Mutley". On a personal note, I found the association of all these characters a bit odd. It's almost as if they thought that by putting a wide selection of characters in, the chances of viewers remembering at least one of them would be more likely (providing one can identify all of them in the first place). The image of the yogurt, which comes up three times in the add (Muller corner, Muller rice & Muller light) is lost amongst the overwhelming illustrations.

Gemma Lacey - 12:47 14 October 2011

As many people have mentioned, the nostalgic theme of the advert does work well in creating an enjoyable advert to watch but only if the audience is paying attention. I do not feel it is creative or different enough to grab attention. It is a very different image to that of previous Muller campaigns which I fell does not work in favour of Muller. Even if the advert is remembered, it may be difficult to remember which brand it was advertising. If people were to discuss the advert with others they are likely to mention the characters but not the brand.

Cal - 13:10 14 October 2011

The advert draws upon various characters from popular culture in an attempt to get through to their target market, young children, who will pressurise their parents into buying Mullers as a result. The nostalgic aspect of using a cast including yogi bear and the wacky racers also appeal to a slightly older generation, ultimately the people that will buy the product. Because at the end of the day, Muller will need to recoup the expenditure on the right to using the characters, and airing the advert on prime time ITV saturday night telly. It's aesthetic appeal keeps the audience engaged in the text throughout, which is a difficult task when advertising a product such as yoghurt, and I feel as if, contrary to other reviews, the brand is not lost within the advert. Constant references to Muller and their products run throughout the duration. Ultimately, if raising awareness was the objective then the agency have certainly achieved it.

- 13:15 14 October 2011

I think that this ad plays well on the idea of nostalgia and would appeal to a more mature audience as they are able to relate to the characters of their childhoods. However, I personally feel that there are too many weak references that some may struggle to remember. The characters are not the most popular cartoons of my generation, but it is possible that I am not included in mullers target audience. The ad itself has stepped away from advertising an actual muller product, and is focusing on the brand and it's relationship to the consumer. It wants to connect with a target market and in order to do so uses characters which evoke childhood memories and happy times. This is emphasized by the tag line of 'wünderful stuff', which refers to their memories and also the product. Muller may have exceeded in creating advert which uses 'celebrity' endorsment to sell their brand, and cause the viewer to reminisce about the characters, but I am personally left trying to identify the cartoons rather than make the link and identify with the brand.

LucyAmor - 18:31 14 October 2011

This advert has certainly got people talking! Bringing in the nostalgia with the cartoon characters is brilliant and will appeal to the older generations, but also children who may not recognise who the cartoon characters are but like it all the same as they are childresn characters and designed to appeal to children. I do however think the advert could be better. I see it as being in two halves - the first helf, with the parking ticket etc and then the second half when the fruit starts splatting people. I think the first half is weaker... with the second half it is relevent to the product - it is fruit (supposedly from the yoghurts) which is transforming people into these charcters which suggest eating Muller light will brighten your day and transform you (not literally into a cartoon character, unfortunately). The first half though seems unrelated to the product and I dont even think its sets the advert up nicely - if the traffic guy had been splatted with fruit it would have been more consistant and in my opinion, funnier. I didnt really get the random machine man eating him.

Abbi Cooper - 21:19 15 October 2011

This advert is trying to gain attention through the use of nostalgia. The playful nature of the whole advert will appeal to this target audience by using recognisable characters which gives pleasure to the audience by noticing these links with previous forms of media. This advert is going to attract a variety of audiences, from our age group through to middle aged people are going to recognise the characters shown within the ad alongside younger children being generally attracted to it through the use of bright colours and cartoon images. This advert will appeal to a wide audience, as does the product they are selling.

Noviana - 14:19 16 October 2011

I think it's a clever ad which uses nostalgic factor that most of us are familiar with. Muller tries to show itself as a fun and young brand and it has successfully done so through this ad. Also, this ad definitely caught people's attention as this ad alone has gotten so many people talking about it! Muller has done a good job in reaching out to its consumer. However, what I find lacking in this ad is the information about the product itself. I don't see how people will be attracted to buy Muller yogurt just by watching this advert.

Jessica Houston - 14:49 16 October 2011

Although I am not a fan of this ad, I think it is imaginative and clearly creative using the animated characters interacting with the 'real world'. The target audience for the yoghurt, i think, is middle-aged and therefore there is a range of references such as filmatic ones, transformers, and children's cartoon characters, Mr Men. As these cartoon characters are well known and have been around for a while, the middle-aged audience will recognise them but it is childish and so the question arises, are Muller really targeting the right audience with these references? The ad doesn't seem to make much sense as the story is a little random. I don't think that by the end of the ad it makes the consumer want to buy the product anymore than they would've before watching it and so although it is fun, it may not be as successful as they would like.

RockSu Shin - 22:24 16 October 2011

Obviously there is a reference to the movie 'transformers'. However, by showing the car transforming to something completely different from what it is really in the movie (an intimidating robot), the cheerful and delightful mood of the ad appears more dramatic. I think this is a good start of the ad because it immediately implies what atmosphere the ad will be indicating. Throughout the ad, there is hardly any moment where any scene is stationary. The scens are full of different colours and shapes of things but they do not seem too busy or hectic to me because all this dynamic use of illustrations make a good reference for the code embedded. I think the main code embedded in this ad is an image of the product which is cheerful, enjoyable and fun, rather than benefits of the product. I see the colourful display of the ad as a reference to the brand image. However, whether this will be working on others depends on how they make connection between the codes and a reference system so who knows? I like it though.

J Gorman - 23:13 16 October 2011

I think this advert is thoroughly creative, although creativity does not always ensure a good advert. The thought process behind the advert is very clear and concise, that Muller provokes happiness and is made of “wonderful stuff”. However in execution I feel there is too much going on and it has just ended up looking chaotic and slightly “tacky”. I can see however, how the advert creates a very strong sense of nostalgia through a wide range of generations. This is done through the use of cartoon characters and the theme of “good triumphs over evil”. This is a theme that many people will be able to relate to through various media texts of their time. The 1 minute and 31 second clip cleverly conforms to the protagonist winning over the antagonist formula. The advert does do very cleverly what it aims to do, creates an advert which people from all ages are able to relate to. It is also very reminiscent of past cartoon “heroes”. All in all, I do like the advert, although I do sometimes feel there is a little too much going on to be able to concentrate on the main message behind the advert.

Dani - 11:17 17 October 2011

By using recognisable characters from the past, muller is targeting a middle aged audience via its nostalgic appeal. However, the use of computer generated images and cinematic feel may also entice a younger millennial audience. Although the ad is captivating and fun, there doesn't seem to be much of a link between its narrative and the actual product they're trying to sell; perhaps making the ad memorable, but not the brand.

Tom Rickhuss - 16:53 17 October 2011

With a heavily nostalgic theme, this advert by Muller is guaranteed to at least encourage the viewer to reflect upon past memories. Subjectively, I feel that Muller have embraced this characteristic of the advert a little too much, and as previously mentioned, partially 'drowned' the product and its position. With a more objective approach however, it's safe to say this advert has definitely caught the viewers attention with the creativity executed, making the ad appealing to both young and old audiences.

- 00:58 02 November 2011

The only "creative" bit lies in the post production, it's proper well executed, near perfection.
Much more hype, talk and attention is focus on the animation and fancy video production. Undeniably - the overall execution completely overshadowed the brand and its message.
Very confusing and questionable strategy. Its is reported that this campaign cost £20million (Dosen't sound wonderful to a whole lot of people) and its hardly even effective with its social media strategy, seems like they're trying extremely hard to get attention with all its paid promoted media space.
"Wunderful Stuff" - tacky, cheesy and artless. Having a pint after work ... now that's something wonderful.

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