Katie Stockbridge - 23:48 30 January 2011

Apparently just wasn't enough to advertise cheaper car insurance, they have also developed a tertiary website '' to further extend the 'Meerkat' brand. Very clever, but completely necessary?

George Underwood - 18:38 07 October 2011

In my opinion these adverts are starting to lose their appeal, and they're becoming a lot more complicated and less to-the-point (The actual Compare The Market website is now just a background character, and I worry that maybe Compare the Meerkat is simply starting to become to better known of the two, to the point where it's not even advertising Compare The Market anymore).
However I still think this is a genius way of selling something as intangible as car insurance, and so far I reckon they're the only car insurance company to have a truly good, succesful advert - simply because it's so outside-the-box. To paraphrase one of my lecturers, 'I wonder who it was that came to the meeting and said 'Let's advertise car insurance with meerkats!''.

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