Lurpak Kitchen Odyssey

Steve Prior - 20:56 27 January 2011

Great review Lauren. The start of the ad reminded me of Blade Runner but I felt a little let down when it didn't deliver a cinematic experience throughout (although some of the camera work is majestic). And I am left wondering, who is the target market for butter and would I buy it because a hairy man thinks the French make omelettes?
One thing it appears to lacks as a piece is any kind of defined product or brand benefit. Do I buy it because it makes me laugh, tastes good, it's a brand I can aspire to cook with? I wonder if I took any of those things from this Ad?
By comparison I might buy Country Life because it's 'made in Britain' and at the moment, with a challenging econonmy, this plays on my empathy with fellow struggling Brits.
But as you know, I'm not an ad man. :)

David Alexander - 13:17 30 January 2011

I thought Lauren Roberts' review of the Lurpak Kitchen Advert was a precise and accurate summary of the advert's main strengths and features. Having cast my 'industry eye' over the ad myself, the advert intrigues the viewer and takes us on a journey, strong and clear commentary supports the visual storyline - as with advertising, few ads succeed in pleasing all of the people all of the time, is the French focus overplayed, will this appeal more to a masculine audience (caveman hunter/gatherer images) or more to the feminine audience (are beards in right now??). The Vincent Price..esque commentary delivers, where will they go from here remains the question. Having worked with Lauren at Engage, I am pleased to see she continuing the excellent work - great review.

richard scullion - 13:03 31 January 2011

it left me pondering too
who or what is the hero here and is it clear enough?
The sheer ordinariness stands out or lets the food ingredients do that
feel you need to read this in the context of ever growing number of tv cooking programmes too - and its lack of reference to them is an interesting choice

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