La Dolce Vita

richard scullion - 14:31 27 January 2011

so yet another brand perpetuating the myth that only beautiful people can be cool? and that cool equals parties and drinking?
Is it really nostalgia given the targat audience or pure fantasy?

Amber Burton - 14:50 27 January 2011

I like seeing nostalgia used in advertising, but quickly became irritated with this ad. I'm really not convinced that a bottle of beer can ever be sold as part of a cool Italian lifestyle - it goes against everything La Dolce Vita stood for. Perfume? yes. Champagne? yes. Fast cars and beautiful people? yes. Beer? No.

Danielle Woolley (Sauce) - 01:13 28 January 2011

i completly understand both responses, infact maybe the only reason i like the ad so much is through the fantasy it portrays, however is this not the beauty of it? plus we rarely see non beautiful girls feautring in adverts for beer, especially when the aim is to make the product trendy.
Amber, i think maybe The Bank were a little too ambitious with the recreation of La Dolce Vita, and almost seems abit pointless as i said. When considering the target audience it doesnt fit, as the younger demographic would like the ad but not understand the references so much (i didnt until i'd watched a couple of times). Plus the older target audience may not buy into the fantasy, in the same way you didnt.
my understanding of the advert was perhaps a little narrow minded, however i stick with my apreciation of the advert and think it still served its purpose in driving people to buy into the 'peroni' lifestyle (and the product), plus there was alot of word of mouth created through the advertising campaign, which i have noticed is mainly positive.

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