Kitchen Odyssey

Rachel Jones - 16:37 29 January 2011

It’s hard to imagine that my favourite current T.V ad is one that advertises butter! But yes, Lurpak’s most recent television commercial, with its genius cinematic photography and use of voice over commentary, is one to watch.
The advert ‘kitchen odyssey’ created by Wieden & Kennedy, is the next phase in Lurpak’s ‘Good Food Deserves’. It communicates that good food does not necessarily have to be complicated and that it is the quality of the ingredients that matter. The advert beautifully dramatizes the fact that even a simple mid-week cooking task can be something to embellish and be savored. This is portrayed through the preparation and making of an omelette, conducted within an ordinary kitchen, and thrown together by an ordinary man. But what makes is so much more than just the making of this simply task, is how it becomes an epic tale by applying the spirit of adventure.
This is conveyed through the use of extraordinary shots and over exaggerated sound; along with a dramatized commentary (distinctly carried out by Rutger Hauer), which beautifully enhances the cinematic theme of the entire advert. The advert is inspiring; it is not just an advert but a piece of cinematic film, taking such a simple concept and superbly executing it to encourage consumers to really make the most of every cooking occasion.
The ad delivers true impact, leaving you seeing food in ways you have never done before.

Dale Smith - 20:43 30 January 2011

A beautifully shot and executed ad that literally brings a slab of Hollywood action to tv advertising. A refreshing change from the stereotypical cheesy family ads that often have a stong feminine feel. For me, one of the most impressive and enjoyable adverts around. That said, I have to wonder whether it's so impressive that it's a little too easy to forget exactly what it's promoting. Is it going to sell more butter to blokes? Maybe. Did it give W&K the opportunity to create a showcase Hollywood movie trailer funded by Lurpak? Definitely.

richard scullion - 12:51 31 January 2011

so the cook is the hero not the brand - if so i as client might have issues there ....I tae your point re over dramatic but isn't advertising allowed to be like this - indeed expected? nice comments from rachel - especially idea of getting the core proposition across b the physical camera work etc maybe its ideal media is not tv then??

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