Innocent 'Superhero' by RKCR/Y&R

Dave Hones - 14:24 25 January 2011

Does anyone else feel the concept has some holes? Innocent's iamge(good, honest food) have been animated into a superhero(good and honest) This superhero cares for you and comes to you in your time of need, portraying a caring, loving image of Innocent. However the next part of the story involves the rescued person ripping off the superhero's head and drinking his insides to satisfy and an urge. Which though humorous due to the music, obvious smoothie fly effects(string and a stick) and Brain Blessed's brilliant voice over, still doesn't feel very innocent.

richard scullion - 13:58 26 January 2011

refleting on my own life as a pekish eater this dont work for me - i want something that hits to spot and something that takes away the pang of guilt - the cake shop AND the drink for me!!!! Your timing issue is interesting thought

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