Hed nd shoulders

Richard - 17:38 04 April 2009

To be honest, the shorter version of this ad on tv really didnt do anything for me, and i must admit the 60' version is much better... I think they perhaps should have reconsidered their cutting of this ad as i really think they need the parts where they show him fondly remembering the good times with his hair

Isobel - 08:55 07 April 2009

So Head and Shoulders have jumped on the nostalgia bandwagon... but does this advert really work? Well I haven't seen the shorter version, but I think the full length one definitely does. Lets be honest - dandruff shampoo isn't a sexy product. If I wanted my hair to look amazing, there are lots of brands I would choose over Head and Shoulders. Which is why what I love about this ad is that it has stopped trying to make the brand be something that it's not. Instead, it acknowledges the product's core benefits, and tells them in a fresh and unique way that is so different to the competition. Interestingly, it introduces a brave proposition that I don't think has ever been discussed - never before have consumers been scared into buying dandruff shampoo for fear that their hair will fall out if they don't! Nostalgia, humour, and even scare tactics - this ad has got them all. Good work Saatchi and Saatchi, and as Christian said, well done to the client for taking a risk.

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