Happy Inside - Ikea Cats Advert

Adam Larter - 16:55 24 January 2011

Ikea's proposition 'Home, it's how it makes you feel - happy inside' is a completely emotional proposition. There aren shots of the products in this advert but there are no prices popping up throughout the sixty seconds and there is no irritating voice-over. But the advert does still manage to communicate the proposition very strongly. This is because you can't communicate such an emotional proposition so simply, that is unless you do something beautiful like pile on lots of happy cats stretching about all over the place. The music is so very important to the advert too, its makes that sofa look warm and comfy, it makes the cat not look cheeky but insteady comfortable. Its very inviting and almost sleepy - just like a good bed. The call to action is a bit confusing though, with everything so emotional and engaging its odd that the call to action is to buy the catalogue and not visit the store. All the cats exploring the store make me want to go there, not flick through a catalogue in my tatty living room. It's a great advert though . . . unless you don't like cats

richard scullion - 11:58 25 January 2011

I think you both make some interetsing comments here - but wonder out loud of they would have been even better if they had been a little braver still and said this is all about that certain feeling of home and comfort and so made even less of the product shots and scrapped the retail environment element completely??

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