Falling Angels

Ben Brewer (PulseMedia) - 19:49 24 January 2011

This is the best ad I have seen in a while now, certainly the best iAd. Launching the ad within Apple’s new iAd platform is a very brave step; however, it seems to have paid off. Lynx is a highly engaging brand which seeks to entertain their consumers rather than produce highly informative ads; this ad does just that. It seems to be similar to Kanye West's 'Runaway' and I'd be interested to find out if BBH had seen this and taken some inspiration from it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jg5wkZ-dJXA&ob=av2el I love the music choice as well as the direction of the ad. For me, the tag-line is the icing on the cake and gives the entire ad more of a punch and really engages with the audience. Advertising Lynx Excite as being so desirable it will make the [female] angels themselves fall from the heavens and relinquish their benevolence for the user seems to be as good as it could get? I am curious to see how BBH will out-do themselves in future campaigns; I have no doubt they’ll find a way though.

richard scullion - 11:55 25 January 2011

odd- the review and comment are identical?

Edward Proddow - 12:50 29 July 2011

This is an excellent advert. Adverts are always far more engaging when they are cheeky or have an element of comedy to them. This is something the Lynx brand clearly recognised early on.
The build up for this ad and many of their other ads plays an important part and leaves the viewer puzzled as to what will happen. The beauty of the 'angels' attracts the male attention, which is important as Lynx is product for men. Additionally the excitement and shock of seeing them fall from the sky is not something one would forget in a hurry.
The smashing of the halos, which suggests these angels are willing to give up heaven purely to be with this great smelling chap is also appealing. This builds on previous Lynx ads that suggest those who use Lynx will attract beautiful women.
Some might say that there is very little advertisement of the product itself, however while this is a weakness, it is a very memorable advert and this makes up for it. Especially as consumers are now used to the Lynx style. Furthermore if at any point in the ad the brand was revealed it would make the end result far more predictable and take the fun from the advert.

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