DFS - Rockstar

Louise, Kirsty ***AMPSTAND*** Holly - 14:08 24 October 2008

We totally agree - the adverts are annoying and the music and singing in this DFS ad is so so bad! I think these type of ad's tarnish the brand image of DFS making the store look 'tacky' - possibly somewhere i would avoid after seeing these ad's!! Where is the link between awful singing lady and quality furniture??!

Oliver Maule, Marketing - 14:47 24 October 2008

I agree, an annoying ad which is ineffective. the people take all the attention away from the actual furniture. its been poorly done and i cant actually remember any of the deals. however, this is aimed at an american audience. maybe its popular in the states, i dont know? but i dont like it and im sure that a lot of people who know about adverts would agree. and the line 'it rocks' at the end actually made me laugh it was so bad. annoying for us, but i would say that it would be popular in america cause their style of adverts are quite different to ours.

Luke Spalding and Byron Dudding - 16:53 28 October 2008

I disagree that this is aimed at an american audience, this is an english advertisement aimed at an english audience, it is just an american song.

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