Celebrity Endorsement - Perfume Ad

Emma-Louise Worth - 14:00 10 October 2011

Let me know how you feel about this advert, and my thoughts

J Gorman - 22:08 07 December 2011

I on the contrary quite like this advert. There are elements of it however, which are questionable. I think the fast paced action in the advert and the short quick cuts help add a sense of excitement and exhilaration in to the advert. I think the black and white helps to add a real sense of drama and gravitas to help the visual along. The idea behind the advert may be slightly frantic and whimsical but isnít that what the fashion industry is all about? It is also necessary to note that with so many different brands of perfume on the market nowadays and all of them advertising using beautiful models posing seductively so its refreshing to see something slightly different. The montage style really helps to add a sense of glamour and animation to the advert. The advert I believe gives the audience a sense of what it would be like to live a life similar to Gisele Bundchen. The flashing papaprazzi and the fast cutting mean a sense of excitement is created, as well as a sense of glamour with everyone doing her up. I think this advert provides some real diversion and escapism for the viewer and does well to break through other adverts on TV and create an attention grabbing ad.

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