Bring on the trumpets

Jonny, Jack, Ryan - 13:16 15 October 2008

Considering The Natural Confectionary Company (TNCC) has recently been taken over by Cadbury's we definitely think that a lot more could have been spent on the execution. This could be justified by other examples of Cadbury's ads, such as the airport themed ad, a follow up from last years Gorilla ad, which would of cost them a lot. With the prestige and wealth backing Cadburys some may argue that the TNCC ads could have had a bigger budget. However, we also think that it is a brilliant ad and a brilliant execution. The advert adopts a sort of 'kidult hood' humour, appealing to both mum and children which we presume is the target market. Right from the start of the ad, TNCC have done an excellent job of establishing the brand character which would appeal to the target audience. The debut of the TNCC range, which claims to contain no artificial flavorings or colouring, has done a good job of targeting a gap in the market for healthy sweets. This execution deserves some credit.

Joseph Wright - 13:41 15 October 2008

I think the advert contrasts nicely with the high budget of the cadbury ads. Giving life to the product is particularly effective in adverts of this type (see the baked bean ad and the mac vs PC on this website for further details.)

richard - 17:31 15 October 2008

you have a low budget you have a product that there is little to say about you just want to get noticed a creative convinces you that an ad that makes no sense will do it - you get this?? i actually think the close up works well - transparent = natural

Jeanine - 11:49 16 October 2008

I totally agree that the simplisitic styling of the ad is relavant to the brand and the product, and it has stopping power. However, if we take the view that the purpose of advertising is to sell then I am not sure that this ad is so successful, maybe I am bias because I am not the target audience of organic sweets but it was only yesterday that I actually bothered to pay attention to the brand being advertised. Maybe an introduction to a new brand should attempt to focus on somthing more subsantial than random humour.

Becky M - 12:15 16 October 2008

I agree with the simplistic style of the ad- its highlighting the organic nature of the product, which although might be owned by Cadburys, it has completely different brand values and so needs a completely different positioning strategy. it's bring on the trumpets' catchphrase does create stopping power, and resonance, but i'm still undecided if it should have more relevance to the end product or not. i definately dont think they needed to spend more on the ad- it stands out by being different to other confectionary ads but is pretty random nonetheless which could be its appeal or downfall.

James D - 10:59 20 October 2008

I also agree with the idea behind this ad that reflects the simplicity of the brand. The positioning strategy chosen strips away everything else that could be surrounded with confectionary (unhealthy etc) and creates a simple message suggesting to people that eating sweets can be nothing more than harmless fun. The ad definately has the 'wow' factor and its simplicity is what seth godin would say makes it 'remarkable' creating a powerful word of mouth campaign as well e.g. have you seen that ad with 'bring on the trumpets?' A perfect example can be seen at

Amber Burton - 08:56 21 October 2008

it certainly works well with children: 10 year olds coming home from school out-doing each each with trumpet noises (don't ask) pocket money has been spent on the sweets job done.

Lauren C - 14:26 27 November 2008

I personally love this advert, it is one of the only adverts I will stay in the room to watch! I think the simplicity and the slight humour makes it extremly watchable! Thumbs up for them I say!

Lauren Keating - 22:14 18 February 2009

I think this advert is effective as its humorous and therefore instantly attracts the audiences attention, its also an original idea which is appealing as people arn't likely to have seen something like this before and therefore want to watch to see whats happening and what product its for. However a criticism of the advert would be that the advert doesnt have much relevance to the product its selling and the only reference made to the product is right at the end of the advert.

Nat Clap - 00:54 19 February 2009

BRING ON THE TRUMPETS!! all you need for a good advert is a catch phrase - and this one is so simple and random that nobody has forgotten it!! The low budget just makes the advert even more memorable as it's not something you see everyday. However i haven't actually seen these sweets on sale anywhere...?

Ed - 03:38 07 October 2009

Brilliant. I think this Ad demonstrates perfectly the message the company is trying to convey. I don't think a budget is a key issue in this case at all. The Natural confectionary company clearly pride themselves on the simple healthy ingredients that make their sweets and have therefore created an advert which reflects this. The company's choice of a simple, quirky advert could not have been outdone with any amount of larger budget in my opinion. For example, in agreement with Richard's point, the use of the close up does create a degree of transparency. The company want you to know they have nothing to hide either as a brand or a product (with regards to the ingredients). TNCC have created a brand that consumers feel at ease with, they feel they know the brand inside out after just one Ad as there was so little to take in. I must admit to buying a packet after seeing the Ad and holding a Bear in my brother's face shouting "Bring on the trumpets!!"

Jenna - 19:52 10 February 2010

This is my favourite advertisement because it is exactly my humour. It's so simple, odd and child-like that it relates to a wide audience. There isn't very many advertisements that use the sweet as the advertisement, it normally surrounds the advertisement which is why I like this advert very much. The adult voice over on the sweet is also entertaining and by using it appeals to an older audience too.

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