Aldi - Phil Vickery Ad

Becky m - 11:36 24 October 2008

i think that this ad is a cheap imitation of Sainsburys campaign with Jamie Oliver. Sainsburys have had good success with this campaign though, and so i can see why Aldi might like to follow them, but should've taken more consideration into trying to create their own unique selling point. i also agree that the advertising may not be as effective in terms of motivating consumers when compared to the credit crunch.

Leanne - 11:43 24 October 2008

I have to agree that the first time I saw this ad, i knew i'd seen it somewhere before in the shape of Sainsburys and Jamie Olivers meals for a fiver. The obvious copy-cat style for me loses any credibility for the brand and if anything creates more a negative perception of Aldi. Although it would seem there is a lot of copy-cat behaviour within supermarket advertising (for example asda and tesco focusing on price) this almost exact replication of format boasts no real benefit for the brand, but instead appears lazy and highly unoriginal. Although now within the current economic climate it is important to ensure consumer confidence, which Aldi are attempting with the cheap and easy meal idea.....this shouldnt act as an excuse for brands to stop developing original ideas for their ads, afterall this could be the best way to gain the ever important consumer interest and trust!!

Isobel - 17:43 24 October 2008

This ad is such a blatant copy of the Sainsbury's campaign. However, whereas Sainsbury's offer to 'feed your family for a fiver', Aldi offer to feed the family for 'less than seven quid'. Considering that Aldi tends to be perceived as somewhat downmarket, it seems odd that they are implying they are more expensive than the competition. Maybe this was an intentional approach, designed to change consumer perceptions and help Aldi shake off it's cheap image. However, the reason people shop at Aldi is because it's so cheap! If the brand insists on imitating Sainsbury's, surely it would have been more sensible to offer to feed the family for 4 instead!

Justin, Layan and Kristina - 12:09 27 October 2008

When we saw this ad the first thing we thought of was Jamie Olivers Sainsbury ads. The ad was so predictable. Why did Aldi follow the same format? Ok maybe this was successful for Sainsbury but will it also work for Aldi? Did they not think that consumers will directly link this ad to Sainsbury or is this what Aldi was aiming for?

Lauren C - 10:55 28 October 2008

I think you might be right there, maybe Aldi are trying to copy Sainburys values by mimicking their advert and in the process perhaps taking their cusomers too?

David Ellis - 15:32 11 November 2008

Aldi have jumped on the bandwagon of using a celebrity chef to show the supermarket in the best light: affordability, quality of produce etc. But hey, whats wrong with that? If it aint broke, dont fix it and this method has clearly worked for Sainsburys and Jamie Oliver, so why not apply it to Aldi. Consumers are not stupid and realise that this is of course an idea taken from Sainsburys adverts, but at the end of the day the advert is simple and catches attention. And I believe appeals exactly to the market they are trying to attract: the price conscious consumer who wants little percieved comprimise on quality.

sophie - 00:33 19 February 2009

i agree that there is nothing wrong with using the same effective formulas and the same effective messages which this advert clearly does. However i dont feel this advert succeeds in creating brand recognition which Sainsburys using jamie oliver does. its is clear who the advert is aimed at but it doesnt make me remember the brand nor is it imediatley recognisable as an aldi advert. The advert actually makes me think of sainsburys more than aldi. Perhaps aldi is not a big enough name to be able to recycle adverts by large popular supermarkets.

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