118 247 Directory Heaven

richard - 10:55 26 November 2009

they needed a DEVICE to be able to say 118 247 as much as possible without being seen as a company who have nothing more than a number to offer - this device works and shows that repetition has a role in our so called spohisitcated consumer lives

rosie - 10:56 26 November 2009

jingles are us .....roomfor a company that invent them surley??

Matt Welch - 21:30 26 November 2009

After hearing the presentation from Ben Southgate the other day, it makes me think that companies like this should really be attempting to build longer-term campaigns in the same vein as Compare the Market with their character, Aleksander the Meer Cat. I heard this advert two days ago, but I have already forgotten the jingle. All I have been left with nothing more than a number. Brand characters will surely play a big part in future brand-consumer communications. Yellow pages should really use what differentiates their brand from its competitors, the '24/7' to engage consumers with the service/brand. I'm suggesting some sort of active brand character that lives a hectic life and is always on call 24/7, solving problems, answering questions, 24/7, He/She would ideally be yellow, obviously. Focussing on this 24/7 part will differentiate their brand better and improve recall.

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