The Entrance

George Underwood - 16:04 08 October 2011

Brilliant! A lot of ads try to make you want to be the main character, and this one perfects it - he's popular, skillful, cool, and most importantly - and perhaps surprisingly - he isn't overly, unrealisitcly, physically attractive (sorry if your reading this!). That means we can easily relate to him and believe we can actually be like him. The fact that the company logo covers the screen at the end is also good, as it makes a clear association between the beer and the story. And I think I'm going to have that song stuck in my head for weeks...

- 22:00 12 December 2011

I agree with George, this advert does very well to encapsulate the heroic character Heineken drinkers may aspire to. The storyline not only creates this aspirational figure but also ensures the audience is captivated through his actions and his constant outdoing of everyone else. The idea behind the advert is very well communicated through the storyline and I think the audience will subliminally pick this up through the narrative.

J Gorman - 22:04 12 December 2011

I agree with George, the advert does a very good job in encapsulating the character that many Heineken drinkers may aspire to be. The advert also uses a very interesting and captivating storyline to illustrate this. The proposition has been thoroughly thought out and communicated through the narrative of the man circulating the party and constantly being paid attention. This advert does a very good job in distracting the consumer away from the message and to focus on the narrative.

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