Velvet Toilet Tissue

richard - 09:24 19 October 2007

so thinking about source characteristics - what element/s make this 'spokesperson' appropriate?

Caroline and Ellie - 16:05 31 October 2007

The source characteristics that make this spokesperson appropriate are: Credibility - Babies have both expertise in softness given their extremely soft skin, and trustworthiness as they have not yet been socialised into having inhibitions affecting their behaviour and opinion. Attractiveness - If mothers are the target then, babies have arguably the highest level of attractiveness. Power - Not only is he shown in a position of power as a result of the first two characteristics, but also babies have a major influence of their mothers purchase decisions illustrating further power in a real situation.

nabs - 11:34 05 November 2007

I watched that ad in a different way now...reading your comments about the person delivering the message - makes more sense !!!!

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