Sony Bravia - Bouncy Balls!

Leon - 15:10 24 October 2007

Genuinely good advert, the Jose Gonzalez track is very relaxing. It does generate curiosity, and it is not clear at first what it is for. Yet, the formula has been used twice since (Building and the stop motion bunnies). I do feel it last for a little too long, prehaps this is why they used the "teaser" versions. The adverts don't scream technology, but this is prehaps to attract technophobes???

Charlotte - 15:30 24 October 2007

Indeed, leaving the audience 'hanging' for too long can backfire. But i don't think Sony used this full length version on TV that often. When they did, do you not think that viewers were so captivated by the uniqueness, that time seemed irrelevant??

Leon - 15:33 24 October 2007

Yes but it isonly unique the once. After that it is a repitition, and 2 minutes for an advert you have seen 3 times will get boring no matter how many timess you have heard/seen it. a great ad but I think they were wise to make some abriviated versions.

richard - 15:42 24 October 2007

interesting issue here about wear out and ad length - I feel the ad works on the premise of ads as pure enteratinment - a spce to let your mind wonder - i may ways this piece of film is as good as many programmes we watch for 30, 40, 50 minutes at a time - so maybe wear out not such an issue for at least some of the audience...and if sony get your attention for 3x 2 minutes = that's a lot of time relativley speaking isn't it?

Syd - 16:38 24 October 2007

This ad has sparked a couple of parody versions (including one Domino's with pizza falling on cars and such in the States)...that seems like a good measure of how entrenched in the public psyche an ad is.

Robyn - 10:46 19 February 2009

This advert is a great demonstration of Sony Bratvia's brand identity, along with the other adverts in this series they are instantly identifiable. The adverts are so stangly unique , and fasinating they qucikly become viral, giving the advert another life ofther than television. The fact this advert was real and not computer generated , adds another area of interest and entises the viewer to watch the whole way through. Discussion often follows .

Anonymous - 18:03 19 February 2010

This advert was, and still is, very popular. Although the product isnt actually revealed until the end of the advert, its unique and original qualities captivate and appeal to a very wide audience. This advert generated a lot of hype and was presented from a new and interesting angle.

Ben Brewer - 21:05 24 January 2011

This ad was (is) truly great; when it launched everybody seemed to love it and recognise it instantly.
I am a final year advertising student and this ad has cropped up over the duration of my degree as an example of what great advertising can be like.
I believe the amount of times this ad has been imitated and had parodies created, both by the public as well as by other brands (i.e. Tango's ad which is my personal favourite of all of the parodies I have seen; proves the original was a success.
If imitation is truly the most sincere form of flattery then the creatives behind this must have some pretty healthy egos now.

DOMINIK KONDZIELA - 17:31 15 October 2011

This advert is one of the greatest television commercials I have seen. The imagination behind it is inspiring and shows advertising as an art rather than a persuasive media. I don't care that it doesn't directly demonstrate the television or explain its features. This grabs your attention whilst creating curiosity and that is rare to find on television these days.

- 15:38 12 December 2011

I think this advert does a great job in creating suspense and intrigue among consumer. It leaves the audience wondering throughout what the advertising is exactly advertising. This means the audience is constantly captivated and focused on what is going on. It essentially means that the audience is pulled into a hypnotic state. The advert is very creative and does a very good job of using bright colours and good music to captivate the audience.

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