Restless Leg Syndrome Drug

Craig - 10:41 24 November 2007

Apologies for the brief, uninspiring review.. But I saw this last night on a program called 'Totally Viral', showing the best from the web. I just thought that it was relevant, especially considering that the most commented on ad at the moment is the Guiness Tipping point one... In my opinion, this is just as engaging and its realism ads to the effect tremendously. This novel approach to raising awareness of restless leg syndrome is just so entertaining! Enjoy!

Jen - 17:38 25 November 2007

Thats awesome. I bet it didn't cost 10 Million to make either.

Craig - 09:45 26 November 2007

me neither... is there one you prefer or do you think they're too different to compare?

Pav - 11:45 26 November 2007

The only differences between the two are scale and production values. And we know that those two aspects don't necessarily make a good ad.

richard - 09:59 27 November 2007

this domino effect seems to be virus like itself - spreading to all kinds of brands...... re production values and a sense of scale - isn't it about appropriatness to the brands intended position - so for this practical, slightly embarresing? drug...downbeat seems right.

Craig - 10:19 27 November 2007

Mike's Lecture last night re. UGC stuck a chord I feel with this ad in particular in relation to Guinness'. Is creativity today measured by high production costs?

Vicky - 11:50 27 November 2007

I think that this ad is really good, I much preferred it to the Guinness one even though it is based around the same concept. To me the Guinness ad is just high production values, which are supposed to constitute creativity but as proved by this ad simplicity and low production can result in something much more creative and enjoyable to watch.

Jen - 17:38 27 November 2007

A critism I have of the restless leg syndrome one is that it doesn't give any information .It also makes a serious problem trivial where as with the Guinness ad it does fit with the 'good things come to those who wait' brand proposition. For this reason I give my vote to Guiness.

Craig - 23:11 27 November 2007

I guess it's just their attempt at putting a positive spin on what's essentially not a crucially life threatening disorder... my vote lies with this.

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