Renault Megane Sport

richard - 12:36 29 October 2007

but craig...where is the justification for your comments - other than it leaves you with a smile - if i were client and my agency said can be sure your 5m will leave many smiles on audience faces i'd smile and sack them!!

Craig - 12:46 29 October 2007

It's just a great, simple illustration of the 'sporty' nature of the car. It's a completely different approach when compared to other car ads, and I think it works. Would it make me buy a Megane sport... i'm not sure. But it definately helps to conjure up positive associations with the brand as young, active and fun.

Katie - 12:52 29 October 2007

I agree with Craig here, I think the ad is very simple with subtle hints about the target audience and what type of car this is for them. It adds humour as well making it memorable. I like that it can be seen as funny in most cultures too, adding to the simplicity.

Matt - 15:23 29 October 2007

I agree, a great ad for entertainment value. I would also debate the need for much more. In such a high involvement purchase most of the fact finding will be conducted elsewhere such as online or at the dealership. The ad creates a memorable space in the consumer mind with enough peripheral cues to target the message.

Craig - 15:31 29 October 2007

True. Purchasing a new car arguably involves huge amounts of information processing. The refreshing simplicity of the ad could potentially act as the affective icing on the cake, creating a positive image of the brand, and perhaps even placing it at the front of the consumer's mind compared to his/her other options.

Laura - 15:40 29 October 2007

I agree, it's simplicity is great. So many car ads around are simply a car cruising around the countryside or within the city but this ad is unique and fitting with what i assume to be the message - communicating its sporty nature. I wonder whether this is just one ad from a set? i think that would be a great way to develop the message and encourage the humourous tone.

Wilko - 15:40 29 October 2007

Most car ads portray their 'sporty' aspects by driving through European curvy roads, thus displaying their speed and handling. In my opinion, Renault are attempting to break through the clutter using a more 'off the wall' approach to highlight the sporty aspects of the car.

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