New Guinness Ad: Tipping Point

Sam Brown - 10:13 09 November 2007

This ad is clearly true to the Guinness proposition 'good things come to those who wait'. It's an interesting way to execute the idea.

Hannah T - 11:06 09 November 2007

I do love this ad and the first time i saw it i watched in anticipation as to how it was going to work. I think Guinness have it spot on with their advertising, every advert has a different twist and are all of high quality. Guess you would expect high quality seeing as it cost (apparently) a wooping 10 million to make. When i hear that i do wonder whether it was really worth it.

Pav - 12:14 09 November 2007

Another example of recycled ideas in advertising? Alarmingly close to the 'Cog' by Honda a few years back.

Tom Thake - 17:03 09 November 2007

I've got to admit, for a supposed 10m I was expecting more, a lot more. Bravia meets Cogs? Is someone going to go one better in the age of the stunt advert? Will AMV continue in their attempt to create work that is of similiar brilliance and scale to W+K and Fallon? I guess that all depends on whether Guinness and their other clients wish to continue commissioning advertising on this scale.

Richard - 09:38 12 November 2007

this idea of recycled ideas - have to agree - but isn't this acceptable indeed common place throughout the world of communicaiton and beyond - for good reason? Pav upload the ad you refer to...

Craig - 15:02 12 November 2007

I agree with Pav, as do many others it would seem. Read the Media Guardian article from today's paper (12th November, 2007) entitled 'Cliche comes to those who wait'. The industry, it would seem, is growing ever sceptical of Guiness' advertising. Every advert produced by AMV for Guiness just seems fueled by a desire to out-do the previous work. This, I suppose, you could argue for most campaigns, but I just wonder how long AMV can keep this up. 10m spent on a minute and a half.. where do you go from here? There's no denying that the ad is good to watch, but I agree with Pav, it's another bash at the 'momentum' idea that everyone seems to love at the moment (Sony, Orange, Brylcreem, Honda etc)

Amanda P - 11:34 13 November 2007

to quote Voltaire: 'Orginality is nothing but judicious imitation' It seems that every idea stems from somewhere, whether it be artwork, a film, or an advert. If you can improve on something great, why would you not?

Pav - 16:47 13 November 2007

I agree - very few ideas in art, film and adverts these days are original. Ideas are always taken, expanded on and improved. I just don't think Guinness should be the ones 'expanding and improving' previous ideas but creating new ones which is more in with the keeping of their previous style and what I personally believe Guinness is all about - being different and edgy. Surely "imitation" shouldn't cost the reported 10 million?

Amanda P - 00:37 15 November 2007

Very true. People expect great things from Guiness, and whether they like it or not, it seems that it's now their duty to fulfill this ever-escalating expectation for a truely earth shattering ad. So then, is the conclusion that they've failed? Failed their cult followers?

Tom Thake - 10:17 15 November 2007

I agree with Amanda in that the quality of previous Guinness advertising has been so high it has resulted in a huge expectations for forthcoming adverts. I am of course aware that is extremely difficult to create an 'original' concept, but it appears that AMV have viewed Honda 'Cogs' and thought 'lets do it on a bigger scale'. However, recent Guinness advertising involving the strapline 'Good things come to those who wait' has often been delivered in a much more abstract concept (think 'the swimming man'). What made previous Guinness advertising exceptional was that it pushed boundaries, leaving consumers thinking about the content of adverts days after first viewing it. I can see why people think this advert is amazing, the scale and intricacy of a project such as this is impressive. But this advert isn't going to win awards, because its a small time idea merely delivered on unnecessary scale. Saying that, it may win the 'Biggest Waste of Money' award...

Laura B - 15:44 15 November 2007

Everyone has said originality is hard to come by, but surely that is the creatives job?? a big client like Guiness needs more than a development on a previous idea, momentum, motion, progression has been done!

Vicky - 10:43 22 November 2007

For an ad to have cost 10m to make I must say I would expect something far better than this. I think that from an execution point of view some of the edits are very poor and the cuts seem to jump and not flow smoothly as they should in an ad based on this idea. Having said that I do think that it is an interesting, if slightly overdone concept.

Jen - 14:14 22 November 2007

I love this ad, It reinstates exactly why I want to work in advertising. I'd love to see the brief for this one and how they came across the idea. I wonder whether the client just said ' I've g ot 10mill I want a big stunt' or whether the idea came from product interogation, marketing objectives etc and they had to work hard to sell it to the client.

Amanda E - 23:18 27 November 2007

I agree with Pav et al that it is an old idea. There's Honda's old classic and 118 118 spoof ads, but more importantly there are at least 2 more ads on TV at the moment which play on this domino effect (Sony Ericsons 'big band' ad and Orange 'rainbow colours'). When seen separately they all have their appeals and are quite memorable, but when they are aired close together it all feels old and uninspiring. Furthermore, why is it shot in Argentina? I do realise that they are trying to play on the community appeal, but they could just as well have done it in Ireland. Guinness' Irish heritage has been an important part of the brand and has to some degree's been depicted in Guinness' previous ads, and I kinda feel that without it the brand looses its identity.

Katieb - 00:17 01 December 2007

I simply cannot understand HOW it is possible for them to have spent 10 million on this. Is everyone computer genrated or something?! It's just a hell of a lot of money for something that doesn't look that expensive. I mean, did they allow all the cast and crew to bring their families on an all paid for holiday whilst filming or something? I just don't understand it. Unless it's just a load of hype....that's certainly worked for us!

Amanda P - 10:45 05 December 2007

haha yes Katie I agre, 10m does seem quite excessive. Perhaps it is shot in Argentina to show the global appeal of Guiness... We all understand that the irish love Guiness, and so to present it actually in Ireland would seem a tad...well obvious maybe?

Christian Hartmann - 15:45 24 September 2008

This is clearly a masterpice of entertainment but what does it really o for the Brand? ok, so it plays on is "good things" tag line but am I the only one who thinks this is last cetury material? and did the advert do what it was supposed to, ie sell Guinness, NO it did not!! because people need something new. it still has to hit the same target that the old tag line did but it need refreshment!!! look at the guinness africa ads, much more interesting

richard - 17:05 24 September 2008

people like being entertained too don't they and may store up goodwill from brands that offer this consistently and then maybe one day reward that brand with positive wom even purchase - so i think your analysis needs to be a litte more reflective christian - but hey at least you are offering opinions

Christian - 19:30 01 October 2008

yes people do like entertainment, thats JWT's philantrofy creating ads consumers really enjoy and want to see. but Guinness has been struggeling for a while in the UK market and althogh the brand does need to keep with its entertainment legacy it needs to sell more guinnes. it is difficult to argue why this advert didn't sell Guinness but I would argue that it doesnt "give"the brand any mystery or any history to it..... people in a Bar (where the Guinness consumers are) talk about everything, and the adverts should be in their amoungst their conversations wich might trigger the "want" for a guinness and therefor sell more. this advert doesnt leave the consumers with much to say but "did you see the last guinnes advert?" and a simple " ahhh, yes was pretty nice" quickly folowed by a new topic. The guinness Tornado advert takes the story into the pub and lets the "blokes" play around with it with their own stories and leaving them with a sense of ownership and....... a thirst for more "fun" Guinness.

Dave M - 14:13 16 October 2008

A nice way to spend 9 million pounds. This advert follows the theme 'good things to those who wait' that is further signified through the actual length of the tv commercial. This is simular to the time it actually takes to pour a pint of Guinness completing a total running theme. The build up during this commercial shows the time and effort that is put into the brand/beer denoting quality. The giant pint at the end could also be interpreted as a symbol of worship in the town. A great creative execution as always by the brand.

Jade - 18:22 19 October 2008

Have a gander at the Pot Noodle Spoof

Oliver Maule, Marketing - 14:32 20 October 2008

Typical Guinness. Clever and very well prodcued. Very conventional how the advert starts with silence and allows the audience to see how the scene has been set. Very effective how it starts with such a small thing with the black and white dominos and eventually we are shown the cars bashing against each other. The use of a poor village is interesting, but it effectively shows how important the drink is to them and how the drink has captured the comminity. the icon of the Guinness glass made by books is in the very centre of the village. Whats good about this advert is that it keeps your attention and it makes you want to know what is going to happen at the end of this huge dominos set. well done Guinness, another excellent and inventive approach to advertising!

richard - 15:06 31 October 2008

yes really like your idea of a brand capturing the essence of its place in the community - great reading of the ad

Rob Wilde - 16:45 13 November 2008

When i viewed this ad what ran through my head was dramatic, exciting, engaging to me it celebrates Guiness as a brand. I think the advert is done to simply reassure Guiness drinkers. In regards to the slogan i think the ad is playing on work hard and get your pint of Guiness at then end. It is interesting reading people's comments about originality maybe you would expect something more radical from Guiness, but have they secured their target by now and is it now time to simply pump out an entertaining ad, for example Cadbury who use similar techniques?

James Swan - 11:38 19 February 2009

This advert is amazing, although you would expect that for the estimated 10million that it cost to make. Although it is similar to the Honda advert, I think this one is better. However, with previous Guinness adverts, I always wanted a pint there and then. This advert, although impressive, doesn't encourage me to drink a Guinness.

Ben - 18:58 24 February 2009

A brilliant advert with a great building of tension, opening panaromic shots really help to set the scene.

Matt Welch - 00:34 09 October 2009

I love how so many of you are so keen to pull Guiness up on their spend for this campaign as if it somehow matters to you. How on earth do any of you know how much it would cost to make a production like this? You can't just see a 10m budget and put some kind of expectation on how an advert should look. Some of you are acting as though you have been short-changed by Guiness or something. Geez. Tough crowd.It may be a recycled idea, but they've done what all great artists do, and that is to steal, then evolve an idea, putting their own stamp on it to make it their own. You make it seem as if it was Honda's idea? But they stole it also you know! I think you have to remember that this is a superb creative execution in its own right, and as such, shouldn't be endlessly be compared with their own adverts from the past - adverts that were arguably some of the best of all time. It's hard to improve on the best every time you know. Guiness aren't stagnating in this country because of their un-original material- that's for sure. They could have the most mind-blowing campaign ever and still not see a sharp increase in sales. Its not the advertising, its the product! It's simply not a modern alcoholic drink. Times have changed, the world has moved on since the good old Guiness days. Guiness will forever remain in the hearts of all those who remain faithful, but as a drink, it is on the decline.

Charli Ashton-Rickardt - 10:11 20 October 2009

I think it's a fair point to make, a 10m production budget is enough for a pretty decent sized film, let alone an advert! This great product as hero/spectacular combination of genres is cleverly combined in such a way that we are dazzled into watching. In terms of justifying this spend, I think it is way overboard and just because past brilliance in advertising has been met does not mean to say increasing budgets to this extent will elicit past effects. It is important to mention that Guinness is a declining brand, so maybe theikr 10m could be just as easily allocated to NPD or brand extentions that will refresh and innovate the brand to appeal to the younger market.

Laura 2010 - 18:42 06 February 2010

I really like this ad mainly because of the "clever" quality. Guiness always seem to do this well, especially in how they back this cleverness up with their slogan, 'good things come to those who wait'. This means that everytime I see a Guinness advert appear I know it's going to have a certain twist to it, which is really appealing and importantly, it's memorable! Guinness is clearly for men, as women don't tent to drink it but it doesn't mean we can't appreciate the advertising and marketing for it.

Holly - 14:48 11 February 2010

I really like this advert and it think it fits the guinness slogan perfectly. The ad is fun and lively, which is enphasised through the music used and the sound of the crowd cheering. I think the target audience for this product is male dominated. This can be recognised in the ad, such as the labour efforts seen in setting up of the domino effect, e.g. the lifting of a car. Also it is a man who begins the domino effect, presenting the male as the power figure. I think this ad would appeal to the target audience as it celebrating and awarding the work made by men with beer...assuring men of their masculinity!

Eve - 15:52 15 February 2010

I found this advert interesting and thought it was very original. However it is not clear immediatly what it is advertising. This could be both a positive thing or a negative thing. It could be pisitive because the person watching it may carry on watching it in order to find out what the product is, however they could also pay no attention to it because they don't know what it is for.

emma - 10:21 17 February 2010

i like this ad and it really caught my attention... but it didnt make me want to buy the product... i think guiness appeals to a certain type of person and they should have used the advert to appeal to that audience more directly.

Chrissy Sihdu - 10:41 17 February 2010

This advert keeps the audience engagaed because the viewer anticipates what the ending will be. As the huge guiness pint is revealed it causes the whole town to celebrate. This associates the brand of guinness with a good time and hence enforcing the brand image. the use of a foreign country suggests that Guinness is universal, and appeals to everyone, therefore representing them in a positive light.

E. Kendrick-Thomas - 11:45 18 February 2010

This advert's large scale domino effect is successful in anchoring the famous brand slogan 'Good things come to those who wait'. The audience anticipate the climatic point of the ad, the angle that is obviously taken to change the negative consumer opinion regarding the length of time a Guiness actually takes to pour. The use of the rural community playing dominos connotes that Guiness is a shared, rewarding and heart-warming experience. Thus making the ad memorable, and making the brand trustworthy.

thunderbum - 23:31 20 November 2013

Clever but it's been done before

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