heinz baked beans

rosie - 11:17 07 June 2007

Quality assurance is what this is all about ...problem is most of us now think own label is 'good enough' when it comes of low involvment stuff like baked beans

ricky - 11:19 07 June 2007

I agree with richard - it managers to talk about beans without making the audience bored.

richard - 11:20 07 June 2007

had another look at this ad that I uploaded. Authenticity is all the rage at the moment. Its reference to classis and original taps into this theme too.

Mike - 17:10 05 September 2007

But why the American accent? Surely beans are about as traditionally british as you can get. And by avioding a good product shot (of beans on toast) they fail to get me to want to eat them. They don't even look like food in this ad. And no health claim, yet beans are healthy eating. And who is hte TA? Not mothers buying for children? Not students? who then? To me ths is a misguided use of humour.

Katie - 10:57 11 October 2007

I think this ad is clearly taking the piss out of programmes such as 'pimp my ride', american rappers who creates pimped out cars for young americans. This might be where the use of an American accent originated from. I think americans have a bigger focus on 'shiny rims' and 'custom paint jobs', and also consider their cars to be a representation of themselves. Prehaps an english accent would not have worked here for this reason. Is it funny because we are moking Americans like this?!!

Matt Farrar - 12:33 18 October 2007

With this ad it seems Heinz has recognised that there is no need to sell 'beans' the product mearley to maintain 'Heinz' the brand in the consumer mind. For this purpose I feel humour has been used effectively.

richard - 20:21 01 November 2007

I really didn't see that american p take element until you pointed it out katie...just shows that its what audiences do with ads that really matters

nabs - 20:23 01 November 2007

like matt says - isn't this ad a demonstration of the power of branding - once you are in the position heinz are in - you can do this - others beans simply couldn't afford to - they have to spell out functions/proce because that's all they are/have to offer

Hartmann - 16:32 24 September 2008

I agree with katie, Heiz is the rebel bean against the cool stuff thats in the media, it will hit a string with other fellow rebels that dislike the commodity cool and are looking for a way to feel classic and "really" cool. I do see the importance of the "baked beans on toast" shot. but I would like to see heinz beans develop into other dishes and educating people how to use such a "cheap" commodity in a wide range of foodds and in that way creating a much stroger quality image to Heinz. but all in all a good simple ad.

Andre Brown - 11:17 17 October 2008

I mean come on this advert shows that even after all these years a brand can still remain as the advert put it ''classic'', remember that heniz has a consumer power of millions and this advert shows that producing a simple yet effective advert can remind informational and humourous at the same time.

Alice - 22:31 18 February 2009

I agree that Heinz have realised they've already established a massive consumer base and so it works to use humour in order to keep customers. They are promoting the brand rather than simply encouraging people to buy beans... Everyone knows what beans are about!

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