Harvey Nichols

richard - 09:58 22 October 2007

what might help us understand this piece of comunication better then? On one level it is sureal...it is highly unexpected (to generate interest) perhaps its use of viral only is significant? yet the same store sells the very fashion items it is parodying here = ?

Amanda E - 10:40 04 January 2008

I believe that adverts shouldn't be so 'hard' to understand as its audience hardly would spend hours on analysing it. And the fact that H.N. seems to be parodying themselves is really confusing. They are big in fashion and are now trying to promote their food section, and even though this ad cleverly connects the two, I just don't seem to be able to see the message and how this could generate a positive response. However it is quite interesting and catchy which could work well if H.N. has a 'any publicity is good publicity' mentality.

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