Coca-Cola 'Grand Theft Auto'

- 13:12 07 April 2008

Original comments are too kind for my liking. GTA is tabbo breaking and 'risky' within the rather safer world of media consumption and life itself. GTA is also 'unkind' to ads; note the parodies that are played on the radio, for example. Now those anti-structural values are co-opted to sell that very icon of the culture that GTA parodies. It's as Fiske predicts - marketing is renewed through attempts to escape or subvert it. It's designer punk jewlery. It's also a litte ironic that Coke spend money on a TV campaign. Oh those admen are so persuasive. Surely anyone that is likley to 'get' this ad will have already seen it online. And those that it's aimed at will likely wince at the idea of coke making GTA characters model citizens. Now if the story was drink coke, smash bottle, use shards to kill shop keeper, steal money, now that would be cool. By the way the Guardian report that advertising agency, Wieden " Kennedy, wre responsible for this peice of cultural sabotage of Tommy Vercetti's alternative lifestyle and it first did the rounds in August 2006. 3.6m views on Youtube so far.

richard - 16:20 28 April 2008

"you're gonna be remembered for the things that you say and do" the music voiceover track informs us - thanks for that!!! But if I drink this stuff I'll mostly be remembered for the burping noises it forces me from all of my orifices!!! Corny to the point of the ad men probably 'getting it ' and then getting carried away by the fact that they do.

Oliver Maule, Marketing - 14:27 20 October 2008

I liked this advert cause it really taps into the mainstream target audience and is using something which they would be likely to play to their advantage. At first we even think that it is advertising a GTA game, the camera view and types of graphics seem to show that. It is cleverly done how it has used the 'cool' factor of the GTA games and also advertised Coke as a peaceful, community loving sort of drink. the music as well is well down with it transforming through the ad.

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