'Unconditional Giving'

'Unconditional Giving'

Katie Buckle - 17:40 09 October 2010

Conversely, I think the lack of colours in this image and the dark, threatening sky create a severe and almost eerie atmosphere rather than a homely and inviting one. Additionally, when I first caught a glimpse of this ad (more importantly my eyes were drawn to the boy) I immediately associated it with the THINK ads about road safety! Also, despite the demographic segmentation you've mentioned, they've used a child in the advert which juxtaposes this idea; I think the ad would be more successful and 'cosy' if the setting were an old person patting their dog with the bottle in his mouth. Overall, in my opinion there is nothing warming about this poster and I don't think it is a true representation of the message Highland Spring want to portray.

Alex Reading - 20:35 09 October 2010

I understand where you're coming from Katie, but have you seen the entire collection of adverts with Charlie Chaplin, Tarzan and Frankenstein? I might upload them soon. I think the whole range of adverts, when looked at as a campaign are really well created. I also don't think the child juxtaposes the demographic as it's more about the scene being portrayed from Lassie, a film many parents grew up with, which is why i drew the conclusion that the target demographic is older.

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