Heineken- made to entertain

Heineken- made to entertain

richard scullion - 15:48 11 October 2010

yes ads work very well by association - this is a good example - maybe the distortion is deliberate - why so??

Amy B - 19:44 15 October 2010

Heineken has moved from a beer providing refreshment to a beer that now aims to represent itself in an entertainment aspect. The distortion of cd's probably highlights the new brand image associated with the tag line "made to entertain" showing that the brand is not taken seriously. Where the product is produced for a target audience who want to enjoy a beer, the brand has attempted to make a strong connection with the consumers in a way that there is a mutual understanding in what the brand now stands for. Their recent promotion of the new brand image was shown involved Heineken organising a fake event for football fans at the same time of the UEFA Champions League Game Reak Madrid vs AC Milan. These fans were asked to attend the event by their boss/ girlfriends etc whom they felt they couldnt say no to and therefore ended up going to the event. The event was a poetry-led classic musical show. It ends with the projector screen writing "How could you even have thought of missing the big match?" This part of the promotion actually gave me goosebumps, it was so effective and really emphasised Heinekens ability to build brand awareness. The brand utilised media formats such as the internet in order to reach its target audience. The promotion overall is extrodinary and very effective! =)

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