Got Milk?

Got Milk?

richard scullion - 15:45 11 October 2010

you end witha good question - somebody eles on the course suggest an answer and impress your BOSS!!!!

Kathryn Gotts - 22:20 12 October 2010

My initial ideas to answer the question was the McDonalds was trying to redeem it's image as an o.k. substitute to a home cooked meal (REASSURANCE) and that Ronald is the one selling to the children, not the brand itself as such. Although they would recognise it, they would notice Ronald more than McDonalds, and what better way to target children to drink milk than use the endorser of their favourite fast food restaurant? It also targets the mums (or parents), letting THEM know that it's ok to give their children a Happy Meal, as long as they drink milk, because it's 'healthier'.
This advert may have been a response to 'Supersize Me'. This programme may have influenced the need to try and promote McDonalds as a healthier brand, but I reckon they may have been trying to boost their reputation before the programme, as that itself was created after seeing an increase in obesity in America.
On the flip side, if it was done after the programme, the damamge it did to the reputation may not have been an ideal time for outside brands to become associated with them for fear of damaging themselves.
Overall, I'm sticking with my original idea (because I beleive this advert was created before the programme came about).

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