Davidoff Adventure

Davidoff Adventure

richard scullion - 15:39 11 October 2010

is this another case of cross endorsement then - reference to his tv show helps him and the channel - reference to him helps the brand...any losers here?

Holly Kennedy - 01:14 01 April 2011

I think the only person it could affect is the endorser as they have to keep up a certain image or it could cause a domino effect on what he is endorsing.
Company's want his name to endorse their product if his name becomes mud for any reason then not only will he suffer but so will the products he is endorsing so he may find himself liable.
However i suppose you could look at if he endorses a poor product which gets bad press it could affect his other endorsements as consumers are taking his word on the product, so if one falls then the rest fall.

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